The Business and Technology Institute (BTI) is an academic Institution affiliated with the Episcopal Church of Haiti.  The Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD) agency founded BTI in 2005. Since then, BTI has developed a diversified funding stream that includes admission fees, numerous partners in Haiti and the United States, ERD, and corporations. We are so grateful to our many partners whose support help to keep BTI on the growing edge of providing the best higher education experience for our students and enable us to serve as a resource for the surrounding community of Les Cayes. 

Since its founding, BTI has grown from strength to strength. In May 2017, over 150 students earned associate and bachelor's degrees in the areas of business management, computer information systems and education. In total, over 1,000 students have earned advanced degrees that are practical and useful in Haiti and beyond. The BTI Multi Services Center continues to provide jobs and resources to students and community members who require books and/or documents. The BTI computer lab is available to students and community members alike. The campus is constantly bustling with youth playing sports or participating in Boys and Girls Scouts.

BTI continues to expand. In 2016, we dedicated the Epiphany Guesthouse, a high-quality temporary residence for groups and individuals visiting southwest Haiti. We are currently constructing four new classrooms to accommodate the growing number of enrolled students. There are also plans to construct a soccer field behind campus to enhance our student activities. 

We are thrilled that you are here. In our pages you will learn more about us and the many offerings we provide to our students, and to the community of Les Cayes.

Welcome to BTI.


Rev. Dr. Kesner Ajax

Executive Director and Dean

Our Mission

BTI has a two-fold mission.  One, to provide students in Southwestern Haiti with the opportunity to achieve a high quality, American-style, university-level education without being forced to leave their families and homes in this region. We also strive to support the economic development of Les Cayes and surrounding areas by providing skilled employees for existing businesses and by supporting entrepreneurial graduates in starting and successfully operating small businesses.

About BTI

The Business and Technology Institute (BTI) of Les Cayes is one of the finest educational institutions in Haiti.  BTI is a best-in-class institution of post-secondary education located on the southwestern tip of Haiti.  BTI operates under the auspices of the Episcopal Diocese of Haiti, with support from Episcopal Relief and Development as well as parishes and individuals throughout the United States.